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 1st Commissioning of the founded OLMC Youth      & Young Adult Ministry August 2015...

             Fr. Paulo as usual working so hard!  *8-)  

Celebrating Father's Day 2016 at OLMC!  Danny, Tim, Mike, & Jason...Sushi in the background!  It was such a wonderful night with all the father's being served by our very own OLMC Youth & Young Adults.  Mahalo to the father's of OLMC    for all that you do!  God bless.




(top picture) OLMC Labor Day 2015 YOUTH MINISTRY BBQ on parish grounds (front of Hale 'O Malia)...  

(picture to the left)  On May 15, 2016             (5 PM)  OLMC's very FIRST YOUTH MASS on PENTECOST DAY!  

The Lau Ohana (top) Colin Lau takes the best care ever for our very own cemetery! 


 Note:  All the pictures are randomly selected for your view only.  Mahalo & God bless!

      Fr. Paulo and his 2016 Holy Communion Class!                Gerard Vierra and John Kilbey

We were so grateful for community help!  Mahalo nui loa to Guy Kane Jr. and Danny Patigayon...Lanikae Lauahi & Lawrence Akau (weedwhacker & Painting) from the community.  Mahalo ke Akua...


More Parish Photo's...


OLMC's ANNUAL EASTER CELEBRATION 2017 WAS AWESOME! Here's a few photos from that day...just having spirit-filled fun!



Here the ladies are preparing for the Father's Day 7am Fellowship / Hawaiian Sunday, happening on June 18, 2017!!! 






OLMC 2016 Confirmation Day!  May 22, 2016

 (Left to right) Fr. Paulo Kosaka, Sofia Suesue, Sammi Lee, Zianna Hulama-Salas, Rey Granadillios (2nd row, right to left) Fr. Gary Secor, Tristen Hegwood, Kala'i Souza, Ezekiel Domingo, and Dcn. John Tolentino.

Harvey Recarte (left) and Larry Lopez (right) install the roof for St. Damien's picture in our parish Sts. Damien and Marianne Social Hall.

Fr. Paulo takes his Altar Servers' and parents/guardians to the Pali Lanes Bowling in Kailua...Mahalo, Uncle Art Machado Jr.!  (June 18, 2016)

Guests celebrating with us on Father's Day at OLMC, 2016!

Youth Mass night at Sts. Damien and Marianne Social Hall...

 Alvin Pacheco & Lawrence Akau continue to paint Hale 'O Malia in preparation of our Feast Day, July 16, 2016!  

Gail Kosiorek our Building Project Mgr.  We are so blessed to have Gail on the team!  Thanks, Gail for all that you do!!!  

The Salas Ohana's Mother's Day gathering at OLMC! Thank U Jesus!

Having lunch with the Altar Servers' at Pali Lanes in Kailua on 6/18/16!  

Fr. Paulo and the Cambra Ohana! This day Hoku received his First Holy Communion Sacrament! Congratulations, Hoku!

The Woodward Ohana...

The Domingo & Souza Ohana...

The Galicinao Ohana...

The Sullivan Ohana...

The Everett Ohana...




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